Our Aims

We agree to make decisions by consensus whenever possible, and to use majority vote as a last resort.

We resolved the following shared aims and objectives:

1. We are all striving for freedom for all, equal and individual rights for all, and an end to oppression, inequality and authority for all beings. We recognise that with freedom comes responsibility for ourselves and each other.

2. We all oppose capitalism and other forms of exploitation, serfdom and slavery (including Workfare schemes)

3. We strive to find common cause and solidarity, and to take action when necessary, in support of human and animal rights, anti-corporate campaigns, workers’ rights, ecological and environmental campaigns, and campaigns against theft of public services and community resources by authorities. We decided not to give our unequivocal support to named organisations but instead to the causes in line with our ethos. These include the Wilderness Centre, Yorkley Court Community Farm, saving Northern United and area from demolition and development, opposing Asda in Cinderford and Tesco in Coleford and campaigning for real regeneration of Cinderford (and Forest?) rather than corporate development in the ‘Northern Quarter’; helping to set up community-run shops and markets, as well free shops (where all goods are given away); supporting the local anti-nuclear power campaign, anti-Forest sell-off campaigns, and anti-badger cull and other anti-animal cruelty.

4. We believe in mutual aid, co-operation and organising from the grassroots.

5. We wish to remove the stigma and negative connotations attached to anarchism and encourage debate and discussion about what anarchism means and doesn’t mean. For example, we equate anarchism and anarchy with order rather than chaos.

6. We believe in non-violent and non-aggressive direct action, civil disobedience and protest, when necessary.

We also discussed aligning ourselves with the Industrial Workers of the World and/or Solidarity Federation – more info needed on both these groups and the process of affiliation and what that means/requires.

Also, we agreed we should discuss specific campaigns and actions, prioritised by their urgency.

We aim to meet fortnightly on Tuesdays unless otherwise necessary.