Nuclear power? Fukushima off!

Chernobyl, Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Fukushima are places the global nuclear industry would rather we forgot, as it continues to dredge the planet for uranium and plutonium and then sink the spent radioactive substances back wherever it can find a dumping place for it…

Despite the massive catastrophes and the massive accidents just waiting to happen. Despite the strange coincidental nature of most clusters of leukaemia and meningitis cases occurring around the sites of nuclear power stations, our lovely government wants to build a whole new generation of the horrible things – including two just across the river Severn from the Forest of Dean.

Berkeley may have been decommissioned, but Oldbury carries on well past its sell-by date (it is regularly permitted extensions from a government that favours private profit over human beings), and under-reported shutdowns have occurred in recent years after something or other caught fire.

So, despite the smothered ringing of alarm bells from time to time, nuclear is still seen as the future – no matter that, if the time and resources were put into it, energy could be produced from methane expelled from human and animal arses’, machines in gyms, friction from concourses, the sun, the air, the water – and the government has given the green light to new power stations to be built at Oldbury, across the road from the current one, and downriver at Hinkley, Somerset.

STAND (Severnside Together Against Nuclear Development) aren’t having it. They’ve organised a benefit DJ night at Westbury-on-Severn Village Hall on Saturday March 9, 7pm-midnight, tickets £7 on the door, and a demonstration on Monday March 11 to mark the second anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan, outside the Horizon/Hitachi headquarters (the company behind the proposed new Oldbury power station), near Gloucester at noon…

STAND say: “We will hand in a letter to Horizon and Hitachi explaining why we do not want their Nuclear Power Station, thank you! Coaches will pick up at Chepstow, Lydney, Coleford and Cinderford. Coach tickets £3-£5 depending on what you can afford. Bring your guitars and song sheets! (We’ll be there an hour) And banners! And for those of you a little extrovert – wear white suits (available from DIY shops for decorators) and masks. Plus, most importantly, waterwings, rubber rings, goggles, snorkles etc – to emphasize to the press that there will be flooding!
To reserve a seat on a coach call Barbara on 01291 689327 or email If you cant go on the demonstration but wish to support, maybe you could donate a fare for someone who wants to come but can’t afford it. Also email
Please spread the word… bring as many people as you can to the music night and the demonstration.”

See STAND’s website for more info:

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