Close Shave for Wasted Life?

12924467_10154055714565948_2822209783488569725_n‘There have been tensions bubbling away in Stoke-on-Trent between antifascists and the far right for some time, particularly on the live music scene, and it’s receiving much wider attention after events this weekend.

The poster on the right from the 161 crew shows the details.

As you would expect, those with the finger pointing at them have come out in complete denial, despite Liam ‘Magzy’ Hart, singer of Wasted Life, posting a picture up on his Facebook of a ripped T Shirt and a clump of girl’s hair – trophy style – and with the caption:-


‘Oh dear, great night at the Lemmy tribute at Vale. Great bands, great people apart from a couple of jumped up little lefties who are are still wet behind the ears. Anytime… Hahaha. Got a couple of souvenirs..’


Wasted Life now have a statement up on their Facebook page, and various corners of the internet are riddled with purile memes and comments about antifascists, some from people with profile pictures that say things like ‘No Surrender’, or have photos of themselves proudly wearing Skrewdriver T Shirts etc etc. In fact, a large proportion of those jumping to the defence are out and proud patriot/fascist/Blood & Honour types. If nothing else, even if events somehow didn’t take place how they’ve been claimed to, and those bragging about ‘souvenirs’ are without guilt , this is an interesting indicator of elements of their fanbase.

12928241_10154057469985948_8791161426946731493_nIn the aforementioned statement, Magzy claims no links with the EDL. Other posts and comments elsewhere claim that there are no fascist links here at all yet, for starters, there’s the screenshot on the right where he talks about the EDL in a favourable light.


Also spotted was a post highlighting some of his Facebook ‘likes’ and, leaving out all of the anti-EU ones, here’s some of what was found: –

North West Infidels Blackpool II – a division of a proudly fascist ‘street’ spin off of the EDL,

True British Patriots – yet another EDL spin off,

Lionheart GB – a Britain First spin off merchandise type thing,

March for England – known for the Brighton, Blackpool and Dover fascist marches,

SoTS – set up by various people involved in the BNP,

Smash Cultural Marxism – another load of far right hate fuelled shite,

David Cameron – erm, haha!

Nope, not Hate – UKIP supporter drivel,

Liberty GB – are/were the spin off from the EDL, BNP, British Freedom Party that are now linked in with Pegida UK,

Atheists Against Islam – more Islamophobic propaganda,

English and Proud – ditto,

EDL Sikh Division – guess that shows that he isn’t racist after all, which is good isn’t it


Close Shave – infamous far right band.

Of course, Magzy would feel obliged to like Close Shave because two of their members, Rat and Sean, are also in Wasted Life. His finger must have slipped and accidentally liked all of those other pages.

Clearly, there are no far right interests or connections here at all.

Boom tish.’

Submitted by Dusty – Guest Contributor



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